• After optimized design outdoor type condensing units look like outdoor unit of an air conditioner with the feature of easy installation and no need for rain proof protection.
  • An extensive range of evaporating temp. The unit can work in a wade range of evaporating temp from -5°C to -40°C
  • Plenty of function parts and protective devices. The refrigeration system is equipped with function parts and protective device.





Power Source For Utility Circuit : 3Ø 380V 50Hz
Power Source For Control Circuit : 220V – 50Hz
Refrigerant : R404A
Evaporating Temp. Range : -45oC ~ -5oC
Location Of Installation : Outdoor
Ambient Temp. : 7oC ~ -43oC
Nominal Capacity : 5.34 kW
Power Input : 2.26 kW
Dimension WxDxH : W405 x D982 x H880 mm
Weight (Refrigerant Not Included) : 77.5 Kg